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From Jan Blohm the artist …

Since childhood, portraiture and visual art has been a great passion for me.

Due to circumstances, I left this passion behind in 1997 and started soon afterwards focusing on music, writing and performing. In 2016 I made a decision to dedicate more time to my portraiture work after years of not creating any work.

I started my journey with charcoal on paper.  After moving into the Strand Studio, I started working in soft pastel colors. My subjects are mostly female portraits.  For me the female eyes have always radiated both sides, an fierce and all-consuming fire, and life giving healers like the river of a their souls.

Having access to a space which I can use to display my work on a permanent basis, is an absolute dream come true. Offering the public and fans of my writing, an opportunity to view and obtain my latest creations.

Some of the Latest editions

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